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Top 30 State Fairs in the USA

Learn more about the 30 best state fairs in the USA.

Top State Fairs in the USAOriginally little more than agricultural fairs with livestock competitions and displays, exhibits and local craft and home baking contests, state fairs in the USA have grown to include fun for all the family.

See below for more about the main 30 state fairs in the US.

Florida State Fair
Tampa, Florida

top state fairs in the USAA tradition since 1904, the annual Florida State Fair, held in Tampa in February, is a celebration of the state's best in agriculture, industry, entertainment and achievement. One of the main 30 state fairs in the US, the Florida State Fair attracts over 7-million visitors each year. The music, programs, exhibits, rides and games offer amusement and entertainment for people of all ages and interests.

For more information about the Florida State Fair visit:

California State Fair
mid - late July
Sacramento, California

top state fairs in the USAOne of the top 30 State Fairs in the USA, aAttracting more than 750,000 enthusiastic visitors every year, the California State Fair that has now been a popular event for more than 158 years features a number of highlights including live thoroughbred racing, cooking competitions, recognition of the world’s largest cocktail, a version of the popular Raging Waters park, the popular Brewfest showcasing award-winning state beers, an exotic birds exhibit called “Birds of Paradise”, and all sorts of concerts including one featuring Joan Jett and much more.

For more information about the California State Fair visit:

Delaware State Fair
mid July
Harrington, Delaware

top state fairs in the USAFirst held in 1920, the 10-day, annual Delaware State Fair in Harrington boasts attendance of over 300,000. Today the fairgrounds offer more than 300 acres of agricultural exhibits, rodeo, races, a midway, and other typical stair fair demonstrations and events. Concert events have included the likes of Gloria Estefan, New Kids on the Block, Tammy Wynette, Travis Tritt and Bill Cosby. The Midway Slots and Simulcast, Harrington Raceway and The Centre Ice Rink are also nearby.

For more information about the Delaware State Fair in Harrington visit:

Ohio State Fair
end July – early August
Columbus, Ohio

top state fairs in the USAAn important event for more than 160 years, the 12-day Ohio State Fair is one of the largest state fairs in the USA attracting more than 825,000 visitors each year to celebrate the wealth of Ohio's products, the skills of its people and their accomplishments for more than a century and a half. Attractions include the popular and highly respected midway, educational exhibits, food, animals as well as concerts with stars like Chicago, Victoria Justice, Billy Currington and Kris Kristofferson.

For more information about the Ohio State Fair visit:

Indiana State Fair
Indianapolis, Indiana

top state fairs in the USAThe Indiana State Fair, nationally recognized as America's premiere showcase of agriculture, youth, education and entertainment, is the 6th oldest State Fair in the country. Originating in 1852, the fair has seen such highlights as a performance by the Beatles in 1964, and appearances of famous visitors like Muhammad Ali, Bob Hope, the Beatles, John Phillip Sousa, Sonny & Cher, the Jackson 5, Elvis Presley, John Mellencamp, President John F. Kennedy, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, President Bill Clinton and President George W. Bush.

For more information about the Indiana State Fair see:
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Great New York State Fair
Syracuse, New York

top state fairs in the USAEach summer, the 12-day Great New York State Fair showcases the best of New York State's agriculture, entertainment, education, industry & technology. More than a million visitors enjoy more than 375 acres of animals, exhibits and displays, food, live performances from the biggest names in entertainment, midway rides and games of skill.

For more information about the Great New York State Fair visit:

Montana State Fair
mid August
Billings, Montana

top state fairs in the USAThis ever popular 9-day fair features everything from family carnival attractions including rides for children and even thrill seekers, livestock and agriculture exhibits, the fun of “cute and cuddly” pets, heritage arts, needlework and horticulture including everything from cooking demonstrations to leather handcraft displays, youth art, fine art and photography displays and sales, not forgetting the fun of Hobby Hall and its unusual collections.

For more information about the Montana Fair in Billings visit:

New Jersey State Fair
early August
Augusta, New Jersey

top state fairs in the USAWith the initial aim to showcase the agriculture of New Jersey, the New Jersey State Fair now offers a lot more such as a horse show, free family entertainment events and activities, outdoor entertainment including a strong man contest, demolition derbies, monster truck rides, horseshoe pitching, pro bull riding, and tractor and truck pulls, a variety of live performing arts, a carnival, as well as food vendors and a beer tent.

For more information about the New Jersey State Fair visit:

Wisconsin State Fair
early August
West Allis, Wisconsin

top state fairs in the USAEssentially an agriculture fair typical of the American heartland, the Wisconsin State Fair showcases contests for the best in various animal breeds, grown vegetables and several farmhouse kitchen skills from making berry jams to creating the best maple syrup, as well as offering a wealth of fun activities, from new rides and games, arm-wrestling championships, tractor pulls, pig races and shows including everything from competing marching bands and all sorts of nightly live entertainment.

For more information about the Wisconsin State Fair in West Allis visit:

Iowa State Fair
early to mid August
Des Moines, Iowa

top state fairs in the USAOne of the main 30 state fairs in the US featured in the New York Times’ "1000 Places to See Before You Die" as one of the world's must-see events, and named the #2 choice for summer fun in America by USA Weekend, the internationally-acclaimed Iowa State Fair annually attracts more than a million fun-lovers from around the world. Special features include one of the world's largest livestock shows, the country's largest state fair foods department (about 900 classes), the state's largest arts show, hundreds of competitive events and wacky contests, 600-plus exhibitors and concessionaires selling quality and tasty treats, and 160 rolling acres of campgrounds.

For more information about the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines visit:

Illinois State Fair
early - mid August
Springfield, Illinois

top state fairs in the USAStarted in 1853, the Illinois State Fair today attracts more than 800,000 visitors each year, making it the 13th largest state fair in the USA. Hosted by the State of Illinois, the 10-day festival focuses on the traditional theme of agriculture. From numerous agricultural exhibits and classic festival food stands to butter cows and nationally recognized pop stars, it’s hard to name something fairgoers won’t see. 

For more information about the Illinois State Fair visit:

Missouri State Fair
second week in August
Sedalia, Missouri

top state fairs in the USASince the first fair in 1901, thousands of Missouri families have made the annual "pilgrimage" every August to Sedalia for this 11-day event that is recognized as one of the top 20 Missouri USA events and festivals and now attracts more than 360,000 people. From entertainment to livestock shows to traditional fare, the Missouri State Fair is one of the state’s oldest and most tradition-rich events for summer family fun. Among the popular attractions, one of the more famous parts of the fair is the mule show that has run ever since the start of the fair in 1901.

For more information about the Missouri State Fair in Sedalia visit:

Kentucky State Fair
mid August
Louisville, Kentucky

top state fairs in the USAThe official state fair of Kentucky attracts over 600,000 visitors each year with popular and world respected events including the World Championship Horse Show, agricultural exhibits and competitions, free main stage concerts of mega stars, a “Cirque” like show, extreme bicycle stunt riders, acrobats and illusionists, fine art displays, home improvement demonstrations as well as presentations of everything from beer to quilts.

For more information about the Kentucky State Fair visit:

Minnesota State Fair
mid August – early September
Saint Paul, Minnesota

top state fairs in the USAKnown as "The Great Minnesota Get-Together”, the Minnesota State Fair is one of the largest and best attended expositions in the world, attracting nearly 1.8 million visitors every year, and is also the 2nd largest state fair in the USA second only to the State Fair of Texas. Showcasing Minnesota’s finest agriculture, art and industry, the Great Minnesota Get-Together is always “Twelve Days of Fun Ending Labor Day”.

For more information about the Minnesota State Fair visit:

State Fair of West Virginia
mid August
Lewisburg, West Virginia

top state fairs in the USAWinner of three top awards in the International Association of Fairs and Expositions (IAFE) annual industry wide communications awards contest, the State Fair of West Virginia has been a popular event attracting more than 200,000 annual visitors for more than 86 years, featuring a wide variety of attractions including a carnival, competitive farmers exhibitions, harness racing, farming exhibitions, nightly concerts, and even bingo contests and a beauty queen competition.

For more information about the State Fair of West Virginia in Lewisburg visit:

Colorado State Fair
end August – early September
Pueblo, Colorado

top state fairs in the USAOften referred to as the "best family-friendly party in the Rocky Mountain Region", the popular Colorado State Fair features everything from classic rodeo events, livestock competitions including fun pig racing, cow-milking contests and shows of wild and exotic birds, to the ever popular Mutton Busting competition in which children under the age of 7 years try to keep their balance on mobile sheep, rodeo clowns, a carnival, a fiesta day parade, and a fireworks display.

For more information about the Colorado State Fair in Pueblo visit:

Alaska State Fair
late August - early September
Palmer, Alaska

top state fairs in the USANamed one of the best state fairs in the nation, the Alaska State Fair has been a premier Alaska event since 1936. Each year, the Fair entertains and educates hundreds of thousands of Alaskans and visitors with world-class performers and exhibits, and world-record-breaking giant vegetables. The Fair also offers a rich cultural experience, featuring hundreds of Alaska Native performers and artists, as well as uniquely Alaskan goods, and menus overflowing with Alaska Grown goodies.

More on the subject of the Alaska State Fair is located at:

Oregon State Fair
late August - early September
Salem, Oregon

top state fairs in the USAThrough the years the Oregon State Fair has showcased Oregon crops and livestock, farm and even garden and floral exhibits, and horse racing, as well as exhibits of fine arts and photography, a wealth of popular entertainment including Lucha Libre (Hispanic wrestling), and a variety of food offerings including judging competitions. One of the highlights of the Oregon State Fair is the wealth of live entertainment including classic rock, country music and contemporary artists.

For more information about the Oregon State Fair visit:

Utah State Fair
early September
Salt Lake City, Utah

top state fairs in the USAEvery year the Utah State Fair presents a host of events including star entertainers, a demolition derby, truck pull and PRCA Rodeo, as well as exhibits of a variety of things from the expected agriculture and livestock shows to creative and fine arts, cooking contests and demonstrations, and food exhibits featuring locally grown and prepared foods from around the state, as well as fun food items including everything from corn dogs to candy bars.

For more information about the Utah State Fair visit:

Washington State Fair
early September
Puyallup – near Seattle, Washington

top state fairs in the USAPreviously called the Puyallup Fair, the Washington State Fair is the biggest annual event in Washington, and one of the top ten largest fairs in the world. Attracting over a million people in just 17 days, the Washington State Fair offers an incredible scope of entertainment, from the ever popular fireworks show every Friday night to the top comedians and musical concerts, as well as the ever popular animals on display and the interaction activities with them, to even more fun things like face painting and interactive pirate events for the children, art shows, a rodeo parade, and many more features.

For more information about the Washington State Fair visit:

Oklahoma State Fair
mid September
Oklahoma city, Oklahoma

top state fairs in the USAAttracting almost a million visitors, the Oklahoma State Fair has been a hugely popular event for over a century and is recognized as “Oklahoma’s Premier Family Attraction”. A wealth of attractions include opening ceremonies, performances by big names in all sorts of music from country to hard rock, Disney On Ice displays and performances, appearances by the newly crowned Miss Oklahoma State Fair and Miss Oklahoma Outstanding Teen, the popular Centennial Frontier Experience – a fun and entertaining historical attraction, rodeo events, livestock showing and bull riding action.

For more information about the Oklahoma State Fair visit:

New Mexico State Fair
mid September
Albuquerque, New Mexico

top state fairs in the USAReferred to as EXPO New Mexico, the 236-acre location in the heart of New Mexico’s largest city has been the location of the New Mexico State Fair for over 74 years. Now often referred to as the “Biggest Show in New Mexico” the New Mexico State Fair features all sorts of agricultural attractions such as farm animals, horses and other agricultural aspects, as well as lots of fun activities from a rodeo, games and competitions to a variety of concerts, carnival rides, games, and much more.

For more information about the New Mexico State Fair in Albuquerque visit:

The Big E - Eastern States Exposition
mid - late September
West Springfield, Massachusetts

top state fairs in the USAOne of the Top 20 Massachusetts USA Events and Festivals, attracting close to one and a half million fairgoers, the internationally renowned Big E, held on the grounds of Eastern States Exposition, is also known as "New England's Biggest Celebration". Rather than a predominantly Massachusetts event, The Big E celebrates all 6 New England states: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont. Complete with top name entertainment, The Big E Circus Spectacular, Storrowton Village Museum, animals, competitive exhibits, rides, shopping, crafts, daily parades including a Mardi Gras parade, and foods from around the world, this 17-day event is the fifth largest agricultural fair in the country, and the largest cultural event on the eastern seaboard.

For more information about The Big E - Eastern States Exposition visit:

State Fair of Texas
end September to mid October
Dallas, Texas

top state fairs in the USAThe roots of the State Fair of Texas can be traced all the way back to 1886. Today, it is a 24-day celebration of the state with over 70 amusement rides, Texas Star (the tallest Ferris wheel in North America), 8,000 livestock entries, 7,000 creative arts entries, about 200 food service locations, the largest new car show in the Southwest, and of course, Big Tex, the world's best-known 52-foot-tall cowboy who made his first State Fair appearance in 1952.

For more information about the State Fair of Texas visit:

Mississippi State Fair
early - mid October
Mississippi State Fairground – Jackson, Mississippi

top state fairs in the USAA popular event for more than 153 years, the Mississippi State Fair, principally an agricultural state show complete with traditional livestock shows and other typical state fair attractions, also features a wealth of amusements for all the family, from a wide range of music from folk and gospel to rock 'n' roll to fairground rides and a selection of activities specifically for children.

For more information about the Mississippi State Fair in Jackson visit:

Arizona State Fair
mid October
Phoenix, Arizona

top state fairs in the USAA popular family event, the Arizona State Fair is one of the Top 20 Arizona USA Events and Festivals. It attracts over 1 million residents from all over the “Grand Canyon State” and beyond who come to enjoy the traditional and new entertainment including national concerts, as well as rodeos, racing, livestock, homemaking arts, rides, and tasty treats at numerous food booths. Popular regular and new events are the Arizona State Fair 5k Fun Run/Walk, United States Armwrestling Championships, and more.

Enlightenment in reference to the Arizona State Fair:

Arkansas State Fair
mid October
Little Rock, Arkansas

top state fairs in the USAAttracting more than 400,000 visitors every year, the Arkansas State Fair offers a host of fun, entertaining and even educational events and programs, from the ever popular livestock show, PRCA rodeo, bull riding, a 10-acre midway, contests of all types, creative art exhibits, contests of all kinds, live concerts and many other kinds of live musical acts and a host of activities and fun for the children.

For more information about the Arkansas State fair in Little Rock visit:

South Carolina State Fair
mid October
Columbia, South Carolina

top state fairs in the USAEach October, people of all ages come to Columbia to participate in the South Carolina State Fair, one of the top 50 fairs in the United States. Celebrating more than 139 years in existence, the South Carolina State Fair features exhibits including flowers, baked goods, canned goods, needlework, quilting, fine art, student art, livestock and agriculture. Commercial, historical and educational exhibits are also showcased. The 12-day run of the fair features grandstand entertainment, stages with variety of acts such as comedy, bands, dancers, local entertainment and entertainment from South Carolina schools across the state. Rides are provided by North American Midway Entertainment.

For more information about the South Carolina State Fair in Columbia visit:

State Fair of Louisiana
late October - mid November
Shreveport, Louisiana

top state fairs in the USAOne of Louisiana's largest attractions for over a century the State Fair of Louisiana offers a wealth of entertainment. Apart from the usual exciting events of the State Fairs in the USA, this Louisiana fair offers free, top-lining entertainment including everything from leading music artists, stunt and acrobatic shows to tiger encounter shows, racing pigs and the Great American Duck Race, circus, carnival, and the Kiddie Korral midway for young children.

For more information about the State Fair of Louisiana in Shreveport visit:


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