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Top 10 New Years Eve Events in the USA

Many New Years Eve events across the USA offer a variety of celebratory attractions.

Top New Years Eve EventsSome destinations in the USA, however, showcase world famous New Years Eve events such as the renowned Times Square event in New York to the First Night Arts Celebration in Boston, Massachusetts.

Our list of New Years events here concentrate on those major attractions.

Other pages here at Top Events USA also highlight the lesser known New Years Eve celebrations across the country.

New Year’s Eve Fireworks Celebration
New Year’s Eve
Honolulu – Oahu, Hawaii

Top New Years Eve EventsAloha Tower Marketplace rings in the New Year with an unparalleled New Year's Eve celebration featuring waterfront dining, shopping, free live entertainment on multiple stages and a spectacular front row fireworks display over Honolulu Harbor at midnight. Center Stage festivities begin at 7pm with live entertainment, free giveaways, face painting, balloon animals and more.

For more information about the New Year’s Eve Fireworks Celebration in Oahu visit:

America's Party - New Year’s Eve
New Year’s Eve
The Strip – Las Vegas, Nevada

Top New Years Eve EventsAttracting visitors from all over the world, this New Years Eve Event known as America’s Party occupies the entire length of The Strip from the Excalibur to Stratosphere, the entire length of which features major fireworks, and attracts tens of thousands of visitors (many wearing special hats).

For more information about America's Party - New Years Eve visit:

Bayfront Park's New Year's Eve
New Year’s Eve
Bayfront Park – Miami, Southeast Florida

Top New Years Eve EventsThis annual New Year's Eve event in Miami’s Bayfront Park is a free New Year’s Eve party and concert complete with a DJ dance party and midnight fireworks display when the huge orange completes its ascent up the side of the Hotel Intercontinental during the countdown to midnight.

For more information about the Bayfront Park's New Year's Eve visit:

First Night Arts Celebration
New Year’s Eve
Boston, Massachusetts

Top New Years Eve EventsFirst night Boston is the largest New Year’s Eve event in North America. Celebrating the arts and showcasing Boston's cultural and artistic communities through over 250 exhibitions and performances by both local and internationally recognized artists, activities start at 1pm and run to midnight. Highlights of the festivities include the Boston Pops Symphony Hall concert broadcast live on video screens on City Hall Plaza, and the fireworks display over the harbor.

For more information about the First Night Arts Celebration visit:

New Year’s Eve at Times Square
New Year’s Eve
Times Square – New York, New York

Top New Years Eve EventsOne of the top 10 New Years Eve events in the USA, attracting more than a million people every year, the world famous New Year’s Eve celebration in Times Square has been a popular attraction for more than a hundred years. The celebration includes everything from star-studded musical performances to the famous descent of the dazzling Waterford crystal ball as it makes its descent to the countdown of the final seconds of the year.

For more information about New Year’s Eve at Times Square visit :

Top Twenty Events USA
New Year’s Eve at Times Square in New York City is one of the TOP 20 EVENTS in the whole of the USA

Celebrate San Antonio
New Year’s Eve
San Antonio, Texas

Top New Years Eve EventsAttracting more than 250,000 people each year, and still more every year, the free “fiesta” event of Celebrate San Antonio features live music on four stages, family activities, food booths and special entertainment areas for children. It concludes with the exciting, traditional countdown to midnight and the spectacular Fireworks Extravaganza showcasing the Tower of the Americas.

For more information about Celebrate San Antonio visit : Gator Bowl Parade
New Year’s Eve
Jacksonville, Northeast Florida

Top New Years Eve EventsDowntown Jacksonville says farewell to the old year and brings in the new with the Gator Bowl Parade with a huge selection of floats, giant helium balloons and marching bands. The area along the parade also offers a wide selection of music and general entertainment as well as food stalls and fun for the whole family.

For more information about New Year’s Eve in Jacksonville visit:


Peach Drop
New Year's Eve
Atlanta, Georgia

Top New Years Eve Events Attracting over 100,000 visitors each year, with millions more tuning in across the country, the southeast's largest New Year's Eve Celebration, and one of the top 10 New Years Eve Events in the USA, each Drop at Underground Atlanta is a 16-hour event with a full day of family fun and an evening of entertainment leading up to the moment when the 800-pound Peach begins its 138-foot decent just before the clock strikes midnight.

For more information about Peach Drop in Atlanta, Geogia, visit:

The newly updated Top 20 Events USA pages do not include every single event on offer in each state or city in America – only those recognized as one of the top 20 in each location, elected by residents, tourists and visitors, the team of travel writers working for Top Events USA, and some officials of the relevant states and cities of the USA too.


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