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Top 10 Renaissance Festivals and Fairs in the USA

Renaissance Festivals specializing in the European Renaissance era, these events in the USA are increasing each year in popularity.

Top 20 Renaissance Festivals and Fairs in the USA Dedicated to recreating the historical era of the Renaissance times with traditional food, drink, costumes, and entertainment, the top 10 Renaissance Festivals in the USA offer a wealth of activities for the whole family.

While it might seem a little odd to have such events in a country as relatively new as the USA, Renaissance festivals right across the states are growing in popularity.

Arizona Renaissance Festival
weekends - early February to late March
Gold Canyon, Arizona

Top 20 Renaissance Festivals and Fairs in the USAJust one of the Top 10 Renaissance Festivals and Fairs in the USA featuring more than 2,000 brightly costumed actors, dancers, and musicians, the Arizona Renaissance Festival has been a popular event for 25 years and is today one of the largest Renaissance themed events in the USA attracting more than 250,000 each year. Set in a especially created, authentic, 30-acre village, this Renaissance Festival features over 200 craft shops, 13 stages of non-stop entertainment, and an arena for full armored jousting.

For more information about the Arizona Renaissance Festival visit:

Sherwood Forest Faire
early February to early March
McDade, Texas

Top 20 Renaissance Festivals and Fairs in the USAThis perfect event for the whole family features a wide selection of activities to celebrate the Renaissance era, from all you can eat, all you can drink feasts as they may have been presented in those Renaissance years to kid-friendly shows and a faerie tea party, from a regular parade, over 40 stage acts to hundreds of merchant shops, as well as fun rides and games for the whole family.

For more information about the Sherwood Forest Faire visit:

Florida Renaissance Festival
February and March
Deerfield Beach – Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Top Renaissance  Events in the USAAttracting more than a million people, the Florida Renaissance Festival, now celebrating its 22nd anniversary, is a celebration of the wonders of the 16th century complete with hundreds of merchants and more than 100 artisans in the crafts village, over 100 performers on more than 12 stages, Celtic music performances, battling knights charging on horseback and sword fighting, middle-ages food, and even the world's largest rocking horse.

Enlightenment about the Florida Renaissance Festival on offer at:

Scarborough Renaissance Festival
early April – late May
Waxahachie, Texas

Top 20 Renaissance Festivals and Fairs in the USAA popular event for more than 32 years, the Scarborough Renaissance Festival is one of the largest and most popular Renaissance Festivals in the USA. Covering more than 35 acres, the Scarborough Renaissance Festival offers almost two dozen stages featuring 200 acts of unique live entertainment including swordplay and even comedy acts, as well as hundreds of craft shoppes offering everything from leather goods to jewelry and all types of art, as well as plenty of food and unique dishes from centuries ago.

For more information about the Scarborough Renaissance Festival visit:

Renaissance Pleasure Faire
Weekends from late April through mid May
Los Angeles, California

Top 20 Renaissance Festivals and Fairs in the USAThe largest Renaissance festival in Southern California, the Renaissance Pleasure Faire celebrating Elizabethan life has been a popular event for almost half a century. Now attracting more than 20,000 visitors each weekend, the fun activities of the festival include 8 stages of theatre, comedy, dance, music and swordplay performances, various parades and processions, including that of Queen Elizabeth I and her Court, jousting competitions with armored knights on horseback, artisan booths, glass blowing demonstrations and a special food court.

For more information about the Renaissance Pleasure Faire visit:

Valhalla Renaissance Faire
First 2 weekends in June
South Lake Tahoe, California

Top 20 Renaissance Festivals and Fairs in the USAOffering two unique experiences, the Valhalla Renaissance Faire features two very different themes on two different weekends, both offering stage shows, as well as hundreds of actors performing around the fair with everything from Shakespearean vignettes to realistic battles, jesting and dancing to storytelling for children and their adults. There are even merchants selling artistic treasures, ceramics, original jewelry, and much in the way of leather creations.

For more information about the Valhalla Renaissance Faire visit:

Minnesota Renaissance Festival
weekends mid August – end September
Shakopee, Minnesota

Top 20 Renaissance Festivals and Fairs in the USACelebrating its 43rd year, the Minnesota Renaissance Festival is now the oldest and largest Renaissance Festival in the United States attracting more than 280,000 people each year. Featuring all sorts of medieval fun including jousting and knights, the Minnesota Renaissance Festival is an interactive outdoor event recreating the look and feel of a fictional 16th Century "England-like" fantasy kingdom complete with more than 800 unique entertainments, hundreds of medieval crafters and food booths.

For more information about the Minnesota Renaissance Festival visit:

Renaissance Festival
beginning September to mid October
Kansas City, Kansas

Top 20 Renaissance Festivals and Fairs in the USAA fun event for the whole family, the Kansas City Renaissance Festival features over 16 stages of continuous entertainment from hypnotists and troubadours to harpists, jugglers, pipers and psychics and more, as well as live armored jousting, artisan booths, food and drink “fit for a King” and more.

For more information about the Renaissance Festival in Kansas City visit:

Ohio Renaissance Festival
beginning September to end October
Harveysburg – between Cincinnati and Columbus, Ohio

Top 20 Renaissance Festivals and Fairs in the USAOne of Ohio’s premier family events, the Ohio Renaissance Festival takes place in an authentically re-created, 30-acre, 16th Century English village. Attracting Queen Elizabeth I herself, entertainment includes everything from full-armored jousting between knights in shining armor to costumed performers displaying Renaissance music, dancing, juggling, sword-fighting and more. Food available includes everything with Renaissance flavors, from giant turkey legs to bread bowl stews, and more than 135 master artisans and crafters offer everything from jewelry to items of demonstrated glass blowing and leather crafting.

For more information about the Ohio Renaissance Festival visit:

Carolina Renaissance Festival
weekends - early October to late December
Charlotte, North Carolina

Top 20 Renaissance Festivals and Fairs in the USAOne of the largest attractions in the Carolinas and one of the biggest renaissance themed events in the USA, the Carolina Renaissance Festival takes place in a story-book Renaissance village filled with charming cottages, castles, kitchens and pubs, all with simulated architecture and design of a 16th century European village. Within the walls of this fictional village called Fairhaven villagers, artists, crafts-people, musicians, performance troupes and food vendors gather to create a marketplace festival in celebration of the arrival of their visiting King and Queen.

For more information about the Carolina Renaissance Festival visit:

Texas Renaissance Festival
late October to December
Todd Mission, Texas

Top 20 Renaissance Festivals and Fairs in the USAA popular event for 38 years, the Texas Renaissance Festival is the largest such fair in the USA celebrating the Renaissance era. Taking place in an interactive theme park that highlights the entertainments of the Renaissance era from the 14th to the 17th centuries, the Texas Renaissance Festival includes a 55-acre theater, the Magic Garden, polka dancing, food such as that served at the Musketeer’s Banquet, as well as scores of professional, costumed actors everywhere bringing the era to life.

For more information about the Texas Renaissance Festival visit:

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