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Top 15 New Orleans, Louisiana USA Events and Festivals

This selection of Top Events USA presents only the main New Orleans, Louisiana events and festivals (in calendar priority) taking place in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.

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Two of the main New Orleans, Louisiana events and festivals are the famous New Orleans Mardi Gras and equally popular Essence Music Festival

Scroll down for a complete list of the main New Orleans, Louisiana events and festivals.

New Orleans Mardi Gras
Fat Tuesday
New Orleans, Louisiana

Top Mardi Gras events in the USARecognised as one of the Top 20 New Orleans, Louisiana USA events and festivals and one of the top 20 events in the whole of the USA, Mardi Gras in New Orleans, for two weeks, attracts hundreds of thousands of bead-draped Louisianians and their guests from all over the world hit the streets of New Orleans for days of fun and frivolity at what is commonly referred to as “the biggest free party on earth”. More than 60 parades complete with cheeky costumes to celebrate the naughtiest time of year during the two weeks before Fat Tuesday, and no two places in New Orleans celebrate Mardi Gras in exactly the same way. New Orleans will always showcase the gold standard for Mardi Gras. Popular free throws from the many floats vary from one Mardi Gras event to the other, but generally include strings of colorful plastic beads, wrapped candies, wooden or aluminum coins, stuffed toys and a host of cheap but fun trinkets.

For more information about Mardi Gras in New Orleans visit:

Top Twenty Events USA
New Orleans Mardi Gras is one of the TOP 20 EVENTS in the whole of the USA

Houma Mardi Gras

early - mid February
Houma, near New Orleans, Louisiana

Top Mardi Gras events in the USAAlso one of the main New Orleans, Louisiana events and festivals, just 60 miles southwest of New Orleans, Houma claims to offer the second-biggest Mardi Gras celebration in Louisiana with a dozen parades running in the Carnival season. Houma celebrates Mardi Gras with ten of those parades attracting more than 150,000 visitors.

For more information about Houma Mardi Gras visit:

Soul Fest

early March
New Orleans, Louisiana

One of the largest events in the USA exploring and celebrating African American history, the two-day, family oriented Soul Fest festival, already a decade old, is one of New Orleans’ most popular events and attracts over 20,000 visitors each year. Top attractions include recognition and celebration of those important in “Black” history, jazz, rhythm and blues, gospel and brass band music, fun for children at the Kid's Cultural Tent, and an abundance of authentic soul food.

For more information about Soul Fest visit:

New Orleans St Patrick's Day
mid March
New Orleans, Louisiana

Top St Patrick's Day Events in  the USAClaiming to be the largest port of entry for Irish immigrants in the southern USA, New Orleans offers one of the largest celebrations of St Patrick’s Day, another one of the Top 20 New Orleans, Louisiana USA events and festivals, and has done so since 1809. With a distinct influence of the revelries of the Mardi Gras celebrations that take place just a month before St Patrick’s Day, this event features a week of parades and fun with costumes, flowers, floats, and potatoes, cabbages, carrots, onions taking the place of the beads of Mardi Gras. The result is a unique Irish-Italian celebration of both St Patrick's Day and St Joseph's Day.

For more information about the St Patrick’s Day events in New Orleans visit:

Tennessee Williams New Orleans Literary Festival
late March
New Orleans, Louisiana

A popular event for a quarter of a century, the 5-day Tennessee Williams New Orleans Literary Festival commemorates the revered playwright and writer who lived in New Orleans. The Festival presents theatrical performances as well as lectures and panel discussions with writers and actors and a one-act play competition, literary walking tours within New Orleans, and a book fair.

For more information about the Tennessee Williams New Orleans Literary Festival visit:

French Quarter Festival

New Orleans, Louisiana

This award-winning festival, which began in 1984, has grown to become the largest free music festival in the South. It is also one of the most popular of the New Orleans festivals. Eighteen stages throughout the French Quarter present the best in New Orleans music, representing every genre from traditional and contemporary jazz to R & B and New Orleans funk, brass bands, folk, gospel, classical, opera, Cajun Zydeco, Latin World, International, as well as musical stages for children. Over 65 food and beverage booths made up the “World’s Largest Jazz Brunch,” a signature event, featuring authentic local cuisine from renowned area restaurants, many of whom have been with the Festival for over 27 years.

For more information about the French Quarter Festival in New Orleans visit:


New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival

April / May
New Orleans, Louisiana

The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, aka Jazz Fest, is a 7-day cultural feast in which thousands of musicians, cooks and craftspeople welcome 400,000 visitors each year. The Louisiana Heritage Fair at the Fair Grounds Race Course showcases unforgettable music on multiple stages, delicious Louisiana cuisine in two large food areas, and crafts artisans from the region and around the world demonstrating and selling their work.

For more information about the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival visit:

New Orleans Wine & Food Experience
late May
New Orleans, Louisiana

A city-wide celebration of cuisine, the New Orleans Wine & Food Experience, a popular event for more than 20 years, takes place at more than 100 of the top New Orleans restaurants and other venues all offering special dinners, seminars, and wine tastings. One of the major events of this festival is the Grand Tasting competition, which takes place in the Louisiana Superdome, and features imaginative and exotic new dishes created by chefs competing for prestigious winning placements.

For more information about the New Orleans Wine & Food Experience visit:


Go 4th on the River
4th July
New Orleans, Louisiana

top 4th July celebrations festivals in the USAAn Independence Day celebration on the New Orleans Riverfront, Go 4th on the River, also referred to as a Dueling Barges Fireworks Extravaganza complete with a one-of-a-kind dueling barges fireworks display along the New Orleans Riverfront has been a popular event since 1990. As well as the dueling fireworks displays, this event also includes free concerts of live music and all sorts of music.

For more information about Go 4th on the River in New Orleans visit:

Essence Music Festival
early July
New Orleans, Louisiana

One of the main New Orleans, Louisiana events and festivals, this arts, music and empowerment festival celebrating contemporary African-American music and culture attracts nearly 200,000 visitors in what has become the largest festival of African-American talent in the USA. Past top performers have included Chris Rock, Kanye West, Patty Labelle, Chris Brown, LL Cool J, Grand Master Flash and Mary J. Blige. One of the top-notch speakers of the past was Barack Obama in 2007.

For more information about the Essence Music Festival in New Orleans visit:

Tales of the Cocktail
mid July
New Orleans, Louisiana

Recognized as the word’s premier cocktail festival, Tales of the Cocktail celebrates the claim that the first ever modern cocktail, the Sazerac, was created in New Orleans' French Quarter. This heritage is celebrated each year with an event complete with seminars and lessons about creating cocktails, competitions in creating new and the best in cocktails with master cocktail makers and mixologists from all over the USA, as well as food, music and cocktail events throughout New Orleans.

For more information about the Tales of the Cocktail event visit:


Satchmo Summerfest
early August
New Orleans, Louisiana

A special long weekend event honoring Louis Armstrong, his music and his life, the Satchmo Summerfest features a wealth of music including traditional and contemporary jazz performances, a parade, free seminars and discussions featuring a host of speakers, and special events including Louis Armstrong Birthday Party, the Satchmo Art Show, a parade, food dishes which Louis Armstrong loved, and activities especially geared for children.

For more information about the Satchmo Summerfest visit:


Ponderosa Stomp Festival

early October
New Orleans, Louisiana

A popular event for more than a decade, the Ponderosa Stomp Festival is an American roots music festival dedicated to recognizing the architects and unsung pioneers of rock-n-roll, blues, jazz, country, swamp pop, reggae and soul.

For more information about the Ponderosa Stomp Festival visit:

New Orleans Film Festival
mid October
New Orleans, Louisiana

top film festivals in the USAA popular event for more than two decades and named one of the Top 25 Film Festivals Worth the Entry Fee, the New Orleans Film Festival features a wide range of more than 1,250 major and short films from all over America and around the world, as well as presenting interaction with leaders in the film industry – directors, actors, screenwriters, cinematographers, and film critics.

For more information about the New Orleans Film Festival visit:


Voodoo Experience
late October
New Orleans, Louisiana

Attracting more than 100,000 fans to New Orleans’ City Park each year, the Voodoo Experience (previously known as the Voodoo Music Festival), a multi-day music and arts festival features popular rock bands that appeal to a younger audience, but nevertheless also features many local and international bands and artists, the highest ranking of which will usually close the event with a final concert.

For more information about the Voodoo Experience visit:

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