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Top 20 Hawaii USA Oahu Events and Festivals

Here is a selection of the main Oahu events and festivals (in calendar order) taking place on the Island of Oahu in Hawaii USA.

Just two of the Top 20 Hawaii USA Oahu Events and Festivals are the Aloha Festivals taking place on all of the islands of Hawaii and the Honolulu Festival.

See below for a complete list of the main Oahu events and festivals.

Sony Open in Hawaii
early to mid January
Waialae Country Club – Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii

One of the top 20 Hawaii USA Oahu Events and Festivals, the Sony Open held in each January in Hawaii attracts 144 of the world's greatest golfers to the Waialae Country Club on the island of Oahu. The event is the largest charity event in Hawaii and has raised over $8-million dollars for the local not-for-profits since 1999. One of the most international events on the PGA Tour schedule, the Sony Open showcases international golf talent against the backdrop of Hawaii’s natural beauty.

For more information about the Sony Open in Honolulu visit:

Honolulu Festival

early March
Honolulu – Oahu, Hawaii

A popular event for more than 17 years, and recognized as just one of the main Oahu Events and Festival, sthe Honolulu Festival is recognized as Hawaii’s premier cultural event promoting the exciting blend of the Asian, Pacific and Hawaiian cultures of the islands. The dance performances, traditional art displays and the popular parade through Waikiki all reflect their rich heritages. Honolulu Festival events take place throughout Honolulu and all are free.

For more information about the Honolulu Festival visit:

Pan-Pacific Festival
early June
Oahu, Hawaii

The international Pan-Pacific Festival on the streets of Oahu celebrates the various cultures and people of Hawaii and the Pan-Pacific region with parades complete with colorful floats, and thousands of dancers, artists, drummers and musicians, street parties, hula performances, Japanese dances and Taiko drummers and more.

For more information abut the Pan-Pacific Festival visit

King Kamehameha Celebration Floral Parade

early June
Honolulu – Oahu, Hawaii

Celebrating the founding of the Hawaiian royal state in the early 1800s, the spectacular King Kamehameha Celebration Floral Parade in downtown Honolulu is an important annual event in Honolulu where the Hawaiian royal court was finally and permanently settled. The traditional pa'u parade with flower decorated horses and riders representing all the Hawaiian Islands is made even more spectacular with endless highly colored floral floats, a pa'u queen in regal colors and her princesses for each island, marching bands and other free entertainments, as well as crafts, and food in various locations.

For more information about the King Kamehameha Celebration Floral Parade in Honolulu visit:

Joy of Sake
mid – late July
Honolulu – Oahu, Hawaii

The biggest sake-tasting event apart from those held in Japan, The Joy of Sake attracts thousands of sake lovers to explore more than 300 different sakes presented by more than a dozen of Honolulu’s best Japanese restaurants. Honolulu, in fact, has more sake-serving restaurants per capita than any other city in the USA.

For more information about the Joy of Sake event in Honolulu visit:

Okinawan Festival

early September
Kapiolani Park, Waikiki – Oahu, Hawaii

Recognized as one of Hawaii's most successful ethnic celebrations, and a popular premier event for 30 years that has now become one of the main Oahu Events and Festivals, attracting more than 50,000 people from all over the world , the Okinawan Festival is a celebration of Okinawan culture that features live entertainment, dancing, Okinawan food and games for the children.

For more information about the Okinawan Festival in Waikiki - Oahu visit:


Oahu Aloha Festivals

late September
Oahu, Hawaii

One of Hawaii's most-prominent festivals, and the only statewide cultural event in the USA, the Aloha Festivals created in 1946 in Hawaii showcase Hawaii’s music, dance and history on every island. After starting elsewhere in late August, Hawaii's biggest festival comes to the Big Island at the end of September where more than 10,000 people take part in the block party celebrations, dancing, entertainment, ethic foods and Hawaiian arts and crafts. The Aloha Festivals are stages by hundreds of volunteers and enjoyed by millions of people.

For more information about the Aloha Festivals on the islands of Hawaii visit:


Aloha Festivals Floral Parade

late September
Honolulu – Oahu, Hawaii

top floweer and garden eventsin the USA
Celebrating the islands' abundant array of floral life for more than 65 years, during which time it has become one of the most popular attractions in Honolulu, the Aloha Festivals Floral Parade is the largest Hawaiian cultural celebration in the United States. Highlights of the parade include a vibrant procession of pa’u riders on horseback, extravagant floral floats bedecked in Hawaiian flowers, marching bands, Hula dancers and an abundant supply of huge leis and flower necklaces.

For more information about the Aloha Festivals Floral Parade in Honolulu visit:

Molokai Hoe Canoe Race
mid October
Molokai / Waikiki – Oahu, Hawaii

Celebrating more than 55 crossings of the Kaiwi Channel, this men’s race attracts more than 100 teams of canoe paddlers from around the world. It starts at Hale O Lono Harbor on Molokai and finishes at Duke Kahanamoku Beach in Waikiki across 41 miles of open-ocean. The Molokai Hoe is one of the longest running annual team sporting events in Hawaii, second only to football. The Molokai Hoe tests the limits of physical and mental strength and endurance, courage, determination and teamwork, and paddlers must also battle nature's most extreme elements.

For more information about the Molokai Hoe Canoe Race visit:


Vans Triple Crown of Surfing
mid November to mid December
North Shore – Oahu, Hawaii

top Surfing USA eventsThe Vans Triple Crown of Surfing is the world's elite series of professional surfing events that run from mid November through mid December in the ideal site of Oahu’s North Shore in Hawaii noted for amazing winter waves. The events include three major events for men and three events for women. For the men, those events are the Reef Hawaiian Pro at Haleiwa Ali'i Beach Park, the O'Neill World Cup of Surfing at Sunset Beach, and the Billabong Pipe Masters at the Banzai Pipeline. The women's events include the Vans Hawaiian Pro at Haleiwa Ali'i Beach Park, the Roxy Pro at Sunset Beach, and the Billabong Pro Maui which is actually held at Honolua Bay in Maui. The Vans Triple Crown of Surfing is second only to surfing's world title as it is considered the ultimate test of a surfer's ability to master the big waves at three unique venues – each with its own set of challenges.

For more information about the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing in Oahu visit:

Honolulu Marathon
2nd Sunday in December
Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii

top marathon events in the USAOne of the world's largest marathons along what is considered to be the most festive route of all the marathons, and recognized as one of The World's Top 10 Marathons by Runner’s World, the Honolulu Marathon, now entering its 42nd year, attracts well over 30,000 participants every year from all over the world. On a light note, one of the biggest attractions of the Honolulu Marathon is the party complete with live music after the marathon that is held in Kapiolani Park next to Waikiki Beach.

For more information about the Honolulu Marathon on Oahu Island in Hawaii see:
and visit:


ASP World Tour – Pipeline Masters

early December
North Shore – Oahu, Hawaii

top Surfing USA eventsThe Pipeline Masters, the biggest event in the world of surfing, takes place at Ehukai Beach on Oahu's North Shore. The final event in the men's World Championship Tour, the Banzai Pipeline is a formidable tubed surfing break formed by the huge winter swells of the open ocean and driven south by the storm winds of the Aleutian Islands. “Banzai” was named over 60 years ago when the famous surf cinematographer Bruce Brown yelled "Banzai" as he watched a surfer negotiating one of the amazing waves the area is known for.

For more information about the ASP World Tour – Pipeline Masters visit:

Quiksilver Eddie Aikau Memorial
beginning December to end February
Waimea Bay, North Shore – Oahu, Hawaii

top Surfing USA eventsThe "Eddie" is one of the world's most prestigious big wave surfing contests held each year on the north shore of Hawaii in memory of one of the world's greatest watermen - Eddie Aikau. Eddie Aikau was a Hawaiian surfer lifeguard and expert in ocean safety who ironically and sadly lost his life while trying to save his fellow shipmates on an expedition in 1978.

For more information about the Quiksilver Eddie Aikau Memorial visit:

National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day
7th December
Pearl Harbor / Honolulu – Oahu, Hawaii

Also known simply as Pearl Harbor Day all over the world, National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day in Hawaii attracts thousands of people to mark the over seventy years that have passed since the fateful 7th December Japanese attack in 1941 that killed thousands of people and propelled the United States into World War II. Ceremonies include the Navy and the Hawaii Air National Guard, and a concert that includes an Hawaiian blessing, songs played by the US Pacific Fleet band and a rifle salute from the US Marine Corps.

For more information about National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day visit:


New Year’s Eve Fireworks Celebration
New Year’s Eve
Honolulu – Oahu, Hawaii

Top New Years Eve  Events in the USAAloha Tower Marketplace rings in the New Year with an unparalleled New Year's Eve celebration featuring waterfront dining, shopping, free live entertainment on multiple stages and a spectacular front row fireworks display over Honolulu Harbor at midnight. Center Stage festivities begin at 7pm with live entertainment, free giveaways, face painting, balloon animals and more.

For more information about the New Year’s Eve Fireworks Celebration in Oahu visit:


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